Different types of kurtas & how to use them – bluehaat

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Different types of kurtas & how to use them

Posted on May 01 2020

Different types of kurtas & how to use them - bluehaat

Different types of kurtas & how to use them

Kurtas have been one of the most versatile costumes which are worn globally in a multifaceted style. This can be validated by the fact that many designers in India use kurtas as a base in their designs which also inspires internationally. Other traditional attire like Dhoti etc. have also grabbed attention of innumerable designers but not as much as Kurtas. The best thing about Kurta is you can use them in your day-to-day life effortlessly, be it as a casual wear, a party wear, ethnic wear or office wear.

Kurtas are of many types but here we classify them as Long Kurtas and Short Kurtas.

Long Kurtas are of following kinds:


Bandhgala Kurta

bandhgala kurta jodhpuri pant for men bluehaat

These are “Top to Bottom” buttoned kurtas, an exceptional attire which can be used for any wedding function or family functions. You can pair them with Jodhpuri pants or skin fit pajamas & accessorize with Nehru jacket or complementary overcoats to give quintessential look.


Chinese Collar Kurta 

Chinese mandarin collar kurta by bluehaat

Chinese collar kurtas are an updated or evolved version of traditional kurtas. It's a fusion of modern design and traditional art. These kurtas with mandarin collars are comfortable yet stylish which makes them perfect to enhance your status quo.


Pathani Kurta 

pathani kurta for eid by bluehaat

Whenever we hear the term "Pathani Kurta", a vivid outlook of Bollywood actors celebrating the festival of Did sparks into our mind. You can wear this pathani kurta with complimentary pajama or with patiala bottoms for a cool casual look.


Embroidery Kurta 

embroidery kurta for men bluehaat

Embroidery kurta are classical types which in the past required a state of art of handwork done by elite artists before industrialization. You can use these embroidered kurtas for different occasions to look elegant and refined.


Printed Kurta 

floral block printed kurtas for man by bluheaat.com

Printed kurtas: When we talk about use of kurtas for casual or semi-formal activities, printed kurtas are a must have item in your wardrobe because it makes you look stylish, iconic and gets you a spectacularly striking look. Printed kurtas can be of any kind of design pattern, stripes , blocks or floral printed.


Plain Solid Kurtas

bluehaat plain kurta solid kurta for men

Plain solid kurtas have minimalistic designs accompanied with lots of variations. The best part about it is that you can wear them for tons of functions like mehendi, wedding ceremonies or cultural events because these are the trendsetter of a glamour world.


Linen Kurtas

Linen kurtas are made up of linen, a premium natural fibre. It is a perfect fabric for hot & humid summers and possesses high air absorbency, allowing your body to breathe properly. Linen kurtas come in many varieties ( like mentioned above) but they are little expensive than cotton due to costlier fabric. Vibrant and imperial Linen kurtas works phenomenal in an Indian weddings and enhances one's appeal.


Other types like straight cut kurtas, asymmetrical kurtas



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