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Different Uses of Sleeveless T shirts aka Tank Tops

Posted on August 31 2019

Different Uses of Sleeveless T shirts aka Tank Tops - bluehaat

Different Uses of a Tank Top

Summer is on the rise and sun is shining bright, everybody is looking for a “light”  piece of cloth that could keep them cool alongwith imparting a elegant look. Tank top, you can call it Tshirt’s cousin, is one such apparel.

Apart from being versatile they provide signature style to your everyday look. They can be used almost everywhere, yeah you heard that right ‘Everywhere’.

Tank tops started their journey back in 1912 Olympics, Stockholm when few swimmers sported them for the first time due to their lightweight and freedom it provided while swimming.

history of tank top sleeveless tshirts

In Early days they were considered as immodest but since then they have come a long way, immodest?? No more.

Tank Tops are of various types and they are used differently. Their use can be classified as :-

As an undershirt


When using as an undershirt tank tops provides drappier look to a man in his work outfit. Along with providing a crisp look it also protects shirt from sweat & stain. They keeps body, arms, armpits well ventilated and provide freedom for arm movement. Mostly cotton tank tops are used as an undershirt.

tank top gym workout wear t shirt for men

At the Gym or yoga studio

Tank tops are most preferred types of workout wear , both amongst men and women. As mentioned earlier due to free arm movement, better air circulation are the primary reason for their wide use as workout wear. They provide muscular look as well. Altogether workout tank tops is a very broad category consisting of varieties like racerback, etc. You can wear them with shorts, track pants or sweatpants. The pair of shoes depends on the exercise you are going to do. For instance, if you have planned to do running, make sure you wear running shoes only.

 beach wear tank top t shirt for men

At the beach

If you are at the beach, then you will find plenty of them around you. While chilling at the beach you want your clothes to be light, comfortable and don’t want them to remain wet ( if you happen to splash into water). They can be paired with some chino shorts or any other kind of shorts, alongwith flip flops etc.



casual tank top sleeveless t shirt bluehaat 

As a casual wear

As a casual wear, tank tops can be used as your home ready-to-go top wear or some floral printed or classic printed paired with loafers to impart perfect look for summer outings. You can pair them with jeans, trousers, and cargo or jogger pants. Complete your look with smart pair of moccasins or boat shoes. During winters you can style them under smart blazer or jacket.


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