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Finding a best online custom T shirt printing store in India

Posted on July 21 2019

Getting a best online customised T shirt printing in India - bluehaat

Complete Guide on selecting a best custom t shirt print in stores

Throughout the journey as a small business of customized T-shirt company, we have had many encounters with various students from different kinds of institutes: be it engineering, medical, commerce, management or any other. For a student involved in any event management task, it's a matter of pride and immense satisfaction if they get it done perfectly, and getting the best-customized T-shirt to fulfil their needs is no different.

There are tons of online & offline t-shirt stores which provide customized t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. But none of them guide or provide details about how to select a perfect combination for your customized printed t-shirt.

Most of the time, students consider a few easy-to-go terms as a quality parameter to judge a product/T-shirt, 'GSM' is one such term for fabric and 'rubber print' for printing quality, respectively.

From the days when we started our journey or when we were trying to get a customized T-shirt,

We also used these terms predominantly, but after starting 'bluehaaat' we realised what mistakes we had been making all along.

There are few basic factors which determine the quality of a fabric :-

  • GSM-grams per square meter defines thickness or of fabric.
  • Cotton type/type- Ringspun > Combed > Carded
  • Color fastness -Stability of color under different conditions like washing, drying, sweating.

bluehaat tshirt colour

When it comes to printing, there are also many types of printing that we use for printing T-shirts but there are few that are predominantly used in industry.

Plastisol/ Vinyl Printing

traditional/classic rubber print

  • long lasting, superb texture
  • not suitable for the large or big print area,
  • not eco-friendly may develop after sometimes or on constant exposure to sunlight

plastisol print bluehaat tshirt

Water-based Rubber print

contemporary rubber print, Though they don't look exactly like rubber that in the case of plastisol but they are next-gen rubber prints with many benefits.

  • good for the large print area, eco friendly, can be ironed directly
  • slightly dull as compare to plastisol, may damage on scrubbing.

water based printed bluehaat tshirt

Discharge Print

Discharge print is little complex types of print which are used to achieve results that previous two prints couldn't give.Discharge print is generally used to print colors with no texture or smooth feet. Discharge print uses a discharging agent to cut-out or removes the color of the fabric on which design is to be printed with anionic or cat-ionic charge coloring agent.

This type of print is best suitable for large print areas and often AOP (All over print) T-shirts.

discharge graphics printed bluehaat tshirt

These three are significant prints that are used in customized tees for college, events or the corporate world.
Apart from them, many fancy, stylish prints are used in the fashion world, like foam print, foil print, embroidery etc.
In our following articles, we will give more insights on how to select the best fabric and print for your T-shirt.


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