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About Us

Back in summer of 2013 in the city of Varanasi, we were looking to get some t-shirts customized for our group. Of course, those were college days and we wanted a good product at affordable price. After receiving a number of quotations in a broad price range, we decided to go with a well known online t-shirt company as we had very little knowledge about fabric and print qualities. We were full of joy, mighty excited while unboxing our product. All the excitement subsided in no time, when we unboxed our delivery.

At that very moment, we decided to take an initiative and start a venture with the objective of transparent policies and terms along with customer satisfaction as our supreme aim.

Initially, we started with a target of providing platforms for small sellers and owners who wants to reach millions of seller throughout India. In a short span of just a year after starting our operations on these platforms, our seller/artists sold more than 500,000 products provided by them.

Our objective has always been not just providing latest trendy stuffs at best rates, but also delivering happiness along with hassle free services with 100% transparency as our underlying motto. So for maintaining this we so periodical Quality check of designs/products provided by independent artists and seller/suppliers.

To better achieve this goal, we are launching our own e-commerce website that will make the products more affordable for our customers.

Our Mission
Sustainable, smart platform which gives freedom to people to express themselves.

Our Vision
Making fashion available for all customer segment at best prices.
Creating and delivering latest stuff, fastest like a ninja.

Now, flaunt the fashion inside you!